Life in the second fast ROLEX 116233G purchased in HK

In 1955, the appearance of the model Ref.6205 rolex replica watches and Ref.6204 the characteristics of the difference is very small, the same year, Ref.6200 also appeared. , From 1953 to 1957 appeared Ref.6200 can be uk replica watches described as quite special, it is equipped with a "Mercedes-Benz", with 3-6-9 form of digital scale, and also has a two-way bezel, in the outer ring 0 -15 minute position, no scale logo, pointer and scale extended to the maximum length, so that time becomes clearly visible. This watch waterproof 600ft (200 meters), slim case in addition to a diameter of 8mm "big crown", making them in the maintenance and repair on a lot of convenience, then there is no increase in the shoulder pads, this watch Equipped with Cal.A296. In 1956, Rolex introduced Ref.6536 and Ref.6538, these two watches for the first time equipped with Cal.A260, however, Cal.A260 was replaced by Cal.1030. Ref.6538 even with the back of the back of the "bubble back", there is a style is Ref.6538A, with thin case and 8mm large crown, also equipped with Cal.1030 movement, these two styles Dive depths of up to 660 ft (220 m), and Ref.6536 (later renamed Ref. 6536/1, Cal.1030) dive depth is 330ft (110 meters). It must be mentioned that between 1958 and 1960, part of Ref.6538 and has received the Hong Kong Observatory certification. In 1958, Ref.5510 and Ref.5508 were introduced and produced until 1962, Ref.5510 equipped with 8mm large crown, equipped with Cal.1530 / 1520 movement; Ref.5508 is equipped with a 6mm crown and Cal.1030 / 1530 movement. In 1960, Ref.5512 appeared, 7mm crown, crown twice appeared a new baffle (the beginning is a square or sharp shape), equipped with Cal.1530 movement, the same access to the Observatory certification. From 1970 to 1989, the dial of the matte finish was slowly replaced by a smooth dial and the gold outer ring was arranged. In 1965, the first use of the calendar of the Rolex diving watch appears, model Ref.1680. (Of which 1680/8 is also the first full gold diving watch). 1969 to 1975, the diving watch on the dial "SUBMARINER" logo began to replace the red in South Africa to sell. From 1986 to 1989, the style watch (Ref.16800) began to use sapphire crystal glass, and equipped with Cal.3035 movement. In 1898, the Rolex calendar diving watch equipped with Cal.3135 movement, renamed Ref.16610, corresponding to the non-calendar type of the watch was Ref.14060. To 2003, followed by the emergence of Rolex and LV cooperation 50 anniversary of the limited section - 116610 LV, commonly known as "green water ghost".